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Square Plasma Grill - Water table for hand held plasma cutters

Square Plasma Grill - Water table for hand held plasma cutters
Square Plasma Grill - Water table for hand held plasma cutters
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  • -Water tub NOT included
  • -Quick release clamp with adjustable arm
6/30/22 product launch - This new version of our plasma grill is now designed for square tubs and has an updated clamp with adjustable length. These fit the Behrens #62 15.5 gal. square tub, which are in stock at most farm & hardware stores for around $35, or you can buy them online for a little more. Search for - Behrens 62.

The Plasma Grill is built to burn metal with a simple and efficient design. Each end is suspended over the most common water tubs available, with two support bars that hold all of the cutting slats. This creates the best plasma table/grill for your hand held plasma cutter for the price.

The Plasma Grill will sit on top of a Behrens 15.5 gal. square tub that is filled with water, this creates a very economical and effective Plasma Grill. All of the sparks/slag and most of the smoke is captured with a 5" air gap above the water.
We include an adjustable clamp to firmly hold a straight edge, guide and our Plasma Stencils. This allows you to use both hands for guiding your plasma cutter to make precise cuts. The usable cutting area is 20"x19".

The cutting slats just drop into place, which makes them easy to replace. They are 1/8" x 1 1/2" flat bar and 16 feet is required (when purchased separately). The grill is laser cut from 1/8" steel and requires welding to assemble, it will take about 10 minutes to layout, tack and weld. The Plasma Grill just rests on top of the tub, so it's easy to take apart for cleaning. Bolts are included to mount the plasma grill to your water tub, so it's easy to move around. The plasma grill can be hung off your fab table or mounted on a roll around for an even better plasma cutting experience.

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