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Rotation Gauge Mount - 1 3/4" - Magnetic angle transfer bracket

Rotation Gauge Mount - 1 3/4" - Magnetic angle transfer bracket
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Part Number:TJ-RG175
This is my favorite tool for doing any sort of tube bending. The magnets hold strong and still allow fine adjustment. The large tab will hold your rotation gauge at any angle, which is great for measuring the side plane of a tube at a steep angle. Then you get three different spots to mark the rotation on the tube. This is helpful for marking rotation of bends and even more useful for notching tubes.

-For 1 3/4" tubing ONLY. More sizes will be available soon
-Three spots to mark rotation on tube
-Allows you to measure and easily transfer rotation angles
-Helps with tube layout and notching
-Neodymium magnets pressed into formed 11ga. steel with a yellow zinc plating

Accuracy is +/- 1 degree. If you happen to step on this and think it got bent, it is easy to check accuracy just like you would with a level. Place on tube, measure and mark 0 degrees, then flip 180 degrees, align to mark and verify it's within 1 degree. If it did get bent, then you can split the difference and tweak the bend at the large tab to get it back into spec.

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