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Rocker Switch Stencil - Plasma Cutter Guide

Rocker Switch Stencil - Plasma Cutter Guide
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  • -Quick and accurate rocker switch cutting
  • -Laser etched sizes and centerline marks
  • -Use the pictured chart to find your drag shield size

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Drag Shield Size
-Designed for the most common rocker switches around
-Small rocker 1/2" x 1 1/8" and big rocker 7/8" x 1 1/2"

-Actual cut dimensions: small .46" x 1.13"  big .85" x 1.47"
-Laser cut and etched from 1/8" cold rolled steel
-Center line and edge of cut marks allow layout multiple ways

The rocker stencil has .050" offset so the switch will fit tight without sanding. The Plasma Stencil will guide your hand held plasma cutter to quickly and accurately cut a perfect rocker switch hole. Available for most plasma cutters that have a drag shield attachment. Laser cut and etched from 1/8" (11ga.) cold rolled steel. The end result is a quick, clean and accurate cut that can be done anywhere. Made in the USA.

Designed for use with a drag shield attachment, use the chart in the pictures to determine the proper size for your plasma cutter. If your plasma cutter is not listed, then you will need to measure the diameter of your drag shield to find the proper size Plasma Stencils to use. Some models have random sizes and for those you will also need to purchase our Plasma Conversion/Offset Rings separately.

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