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Plasma Table

Nov. 22' - We just released a couple of new Plasma Tables that bolt onto standard service carts, and create the best Roll-Around Water Table for hand-held plasma cutting. Another version of these will rest on any CNC plasma table and add a 4" air gap for hand cutting. The CNC table toppers are specifically designed to also hang off the side of regular Crossfire machines. We also recently redesigned our more affordable Plasma Grill to work with common square wash tubs...

These plasma tables are designed to be used with our Plasma Stencils and include a long reach clamp to hold them for smooth and accurate cutting. Our clamp has seen a few improvements as well. It now has an adjustable arm to get even more reach, along with two different table attachments. One version for standard 5/8" fixture/weld tables, and another Edge Clamp style that uses different spacers to match any fabrication table.
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Square Tub - Plasma Table for 15.5 gal. tub
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Long Reach Clamp for Plasma & Weld Table
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Circle Stencils - Plasma Cutter Guide - 5pc.
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Magnetic Plasma Guide Holder 2 pc. - for Plasma Stencils and Straight Edge
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Discontinued - Original Plasma Table
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Discontinued - Check out our new roll-around version