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Plasma Offset Rings for Drag Shields

Plasma Offset Rings for Drag Shields
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Drag Shield Size
Conversion rings are now available for plasma cutters with a different size drag tip. The kit comes with three rings, one converts to our plasma stencil size, another thats .060" larger and the third is .120" larger.

.297" size fits - most of the cheap Chinese plasma cutters and European style torches with a drag style tip
.312" size fits - Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 42
.500" size fits - Hypertherm 30 Air, max 40/43 and 800/900 models. Miller Ice 50/55 and 125c torches

Offset Rings - for .380", .430", .580" drag shields
These Offset Rings come in a pair with two different sizes and slide over the drag shield on your plasma cutter. This essentially takes one Plasma Stencil and turns it into three different sizes, which is important for precise metal fabrication. Most of our Plasma Stencils have ZERO offset, which means the final hole is larger by the width of your plasma cut. That loose fit is nice for general fab work, but to get precise you will want material to sand for final fitment and that's where the Offset Rings come in handy. They are slotted which makes it easy to swap sizes for different plasma cutting tolerances.

- .060" offset ring makes a snug fitting hole with minimal clean up.
- .120" offset ring makes a little undersized hole and will require a good amount of sanding or could be machined to a perfect fit.

To fit your plasma cutter sand the offset ring to final length and then cut, grind or file the flutes in the ring to match your drag shield. This allows one ring to fit a lot of different drag shields, which helps to keep the price down. Machined from 6061 Aluminum and made in USA.

We have been wanting to make these rings since the first Plasma Stencil was made. Originally we were trying to machine the flutes into them for a more finished product, however that proved to be difficult and expensive. Then we applied the KISS(keep it simple stupid) principal and created these.

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