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Floor Base plate for Jack Adapter

Floor Base plate for Jack Adapter
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This is just the floor jack base plate, for those who already have the transmission base plate for the jack adapter and want to use it on a floor jack also. Powder coated finish.

The center hole is machined for newer floor jacks that bolt together, we also include a pin that presses into the base for older jacks with 1 3/16" pins. There are two styles of bolt on base plates, this will fit one of those, the other style will be added soon. This works for floor jacks that have a lip with the base removed. To check your jack, remove the base and look at the jack, if there is a lip sticking up your good, if the jack is flat then it won't work yet.

Floor base bolt pattern - 4" x 6 ½" - The new floor base could also double as a transmission jack base plate as long as your jack works with the bolt pattern.

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