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Floor Base Adapters - Drop in Pin or HD bushing

Floor Base Adapters - Drop in Pin or HD bushing
Floor Base Adapters - Drop in Pin or HD bushing
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Drop in pin [$4.00]
HD bolt on bushing
These parts are for the Floor Base Plate. Now you can also purchase them separately if you change Jacks.

You can choose the Drop in Pin, or the HD Bushing. Select the button that you want.

HD bushing - 1018 steel step bushing will go in our floor jack base plate and then work on heavy duty style floor jacks.
Drop in Pin - 1018 steel pin measures 1.16" dia. and has knurled top to press into our Floor jack base plate.

Floor jack base plate  -
SD bolt on - Most common newer style, has lip sticking up around threads of jack with saddle removed
HD bolt on - Most heavy duty floor jacks, has    NO  lip      around threads of jack with saddle removed
Drop in - Older style floor jack, has 1.16" ˜ 1 3/16" diameter pin

You will need to remove the saddle on your floor jack to check which style you have. The styles are listed above. Our floor jack base plate will bolt right onto SD (standard duty) floor jacks, these are generally 2-3 ton jacks, under 2 ton jacks might not work with our Jack Adapter. The HD (heavy duty) style includes an extra machined step bushing that installs over the factory bolt and then works with our floor base plate. The HD style are generally 3-4 ton jacks and include a lot of name brand expensive jacks. The old style Drop in, we include a pin that you will press into our floor base plate. The old style is most jacks made 10 or so years ago. There are a couple other odd style floor jacks, so make sure yours fits into one of our categories.

Floor base bolt pattern - 4" x 6 ½" - The new floor base could also double as a transmission jack base plate as long as your jack works with the bolt pattern. The holes are actually designed to hold a strap to retain whatever you are working on.

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