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DIY Tube Jig Kit

DIY Tube Jig Kit
DIY Tube Jig Kit
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Tube Size
27/23 update - We are out of the 1 1/2" version for now, but will be making another production run soon. Check back here for more updates.

This kit allows you to make the Tube Jig for a lot less money, but it will take 4-6 hours to make the entire Tube Jig kit. If you have the money for the Tube Bending Jig we make, this is a great addition because it allows you to fabricate custom tube jig pieces.

-Paper wrap templates for every cope angle and the hinges
-Hinge pieces and hardware to make two Big hinges and two Small hinges 
-25- Jam bolts and nuts(one more than you need)
-A sticker sheet to label the coped tube pieces
-Detailed instructions for fabricating the Tube Jig

Size - The large tubes on the Tube Jig will be the same size tube that you are working with. Pick the size that you work the most with.

You can download the instructions to get a better idea of what it takes to make the DIY Tube Jig - click here for instructions

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