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Angle Finder - protractor

Angle Finder - protractor
Angle Finder - protractor
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Out of stock waiting list only - We are working on a new version that will relocate and add new laser markings. This is a lower priority on our "to do" list, so it might be awhile until it's available, hopefully by summer of 2021.

We took a simple angle finder and integrated a protractor that aligns with the points from the opposing side of the angle finder. This allows you to measure inside and outside angles from any bend or object without a bulky protractor wheel. 

-Laser cut and etched from 14ga. stainless steel
-Adjustable tension with a brass washer to ensure smooth movement
-Identical marks on both sides
-Flip arms to measure from 90 in either direction. Measures 270 degrees on both sides.

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