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3 point Jack Adapter - for Floor and Transmission Jacks

3 point Jack Adapter - for Floor and Transmission Jacks
3 point Jack Adapter - for Floor and Transmission Jacks
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  • -The transmission base is auto selected, make sure to choose at least one type of base plate

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Floor jack base plate
SD bolt on [$50.00]
HD bolt on (with bushing) [$61.00]
Drop in (with pin) [$62.00]
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Transmission Base Plate
Yes, please
No, thanks [$-44.00]
The 3 point Jack Adapter is our original design that works great on any solid axle, front or rear. It can also work fairly well with bumpers, t-cases and trailer hitches. Look into our 4 point jack adapter  for more versatility and uses. Both 3 & 4 point versions have a modular design allowing for easy assembly and reconfiguration for different objects. Powder coated and Zinc plated steel. Made in Oregon, USA.

- Transmission Base Plate - fits low lift and tall transmission jacks
- Floor Base Plate - can fit most floor jacks: SD bolt on, HD bolt on, and Drop in Pin style

- Easily converts most jacks to safely hold front and rear solid axles
- Telescopic tubing let’s you put the support points where they need to be 
- Main bars adjust from 16-28” wide, have quick release pins for easy setup, and provide solid load points
- Pinion support is threaded, adjusts 8-14” from center, allows for fine adjustments, and stabilizes the axle
- 800 lbs. capacity at maximum extension
- Made in Oregon, USA

Floor jack base plate  - the third picture shows different floor jack saddle styles
SD bolt on - Most common newer style, has lip sticking up around threads of jack with saddle removed
Drop in - Older style floor jack, has 1.16" ˜ 1 3/16" diameter pin
HD bolt on - Most heavy duty floor jacks, has NO lip around threads of jack with saddle removed

You will need to remove the saddle on your floor jack to check which style you have. The styles are listed above. Our floor jack base plate will bolt right onto SD (standard duty) floor jacks, these are generally 2-3 ton jacks, under 2 ton jacks might not work with our Jack Adapter. The HD (heavy duty) option includes an extra machined step bushing that installs over the factory bolt and then works with our floor base plate. The HD style are generally 3-4 ton jacks and include a lot of name brand expensive jacks. The Drop in option includes a pin that you press into our floor base plate. The Drop in style is most jacks that were made 10 or so years ago. There are a couple of other odd style floor jacks, so make sure yours fits into one of our categories.

Floor base bolt pattern - 4" x 6 ½" - The new floor base could also double as a transmission jack base plate as long as your jack works with the bolt pattern. The holes are actually designed to hold a strap to retain whatever you are working on.

Transmission jack base plate - Works with tall and floor style transmission jacks. Comes with multiple bolt patterns for common transmission jacks. If your bolt pattern isn't on the base plate, then drill a new one, there's plenty of room.

Floor jack or Transmission jack?
A floor jack is your standard jack for lifting cars (don't lift your car with the jack adapter) and the jack adapter allows you to utilize your jack for working on lighter, but more awkward objects.  The jack adapter adds about 6 inches of height to your jack so tall jack stands can be useful. It's also good to have a second jack handy for changing the height of the vehicle if necessary. Floor jacks work fine for axles, fuel tanks, doors and bumpers, but transmissions and transfer cases can be difficult or even dangerous with a floor jack.

A transmission jack has a head unit that gives two more axis of rotation and a large base plate with arms (for transmissions), these jacks can be low on the floor or tall for use under vehicle lifts. The jack adapter works better on a good transmission jack than a standard floor jack. Having the ability to adjust the awkward thing you are moving is very helpful. Cheap tranny jacks have a lot of slop that needs to be taken up and can still be a little excessive. Once you get familiar using the jack adapter and finding the balance point, it's no big deal. If you are only using the jack adapter for solid axles the 3 point is just fine, but the 4 point is better at that and everything else.
5 Stars
3 point jack adapter
Great product I have used it 2 time since I’ve received it, once to pull the rear end out of a drag car and the other to do a set of axle u joints on a Kabota side by side. I love the adjustability of it it makes doing these things 100 times easier, you’re not trying to balance everything on the pad of the jack itself or counting on having someone else there to help!
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Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 4/6/2020

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