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3 point Jack Adapter - for Floor and Transmission Jacks

3 point Jack Adapter - for Floor and Transmission Jacks
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Base Plate for Jack
Assemble the Jack Adapter with the base plate centered for rear axles or offset for front axles. Modular design allows easy assembly and reconfiguration for different objects to be held, such as transfer cases, bumpers, trailer hitches and more. Spring snap buttons are used in the telescoping tube to prevent over extension and allow easy disassembly when pressed. Two base plates are offered for floor jacks or transmission jacks with a flat base. Powder coated finish for ultimate durability.

-Easily converts most jacks to safely hold front and rear solid axles
-Telescopic tubing let’s you put the support points where they need to be 
-Main bars adjust from 16-28” wide, are pinned for easy setup and provide solid load points
-Pinion support is threaded, adjusts from 8-14” provides fine adjustments and stabilizes the axle
-800 lbs. capacity at maximum extension
-The silver parts are now zinc plated instead of being powder coated
-Made in USA

-New updated floor jack base plate - the fourth picture shows the updated base plate 
Machined for newer floor jacks that bolt together, we still include a pin that presses into the base for older jacks with 1 3/16" pins. There are two styles of bolt on base plates, this will fit one of those, the other style will be added soon. This works for floor jacks that have a lip with the base removed. To check your jack, remove the base and look at the jack, if there is a lip sticking up your good, if the jack is flat then it won't work yet. 

Floor base bolt pattern - 4" x 6 ½" - The new floor base could also double as a transmission jack base plate as long as your jack works with the bolt pattern.

-Transmission base plate - Comes with multiple bolt patterns for common transmission jacks.

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