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16" Crossfire - CNC Plasma Table Topper

16" Crossfire - CNC Plasma Table Topper
16" wide table w/ slats
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  • -Includes - Long reach clamp, plasma table ends, 4" F.B. sides, (4) cord holders
  • -Cutting Slats option - 1½" x 1/8" flat bar - 15 feet - required when ordered without slats.
  • -Clamp option - 5/8" post for fixture/weld tables. Edge clamp for our table & standard fab. tables.
  • -Read description below and captions under pictures for more information.

Choose Options

Cutting Slats
No Slats [$-30.00]
Clamp Style
Edge Clamp
Weld Table Post + [$10.00]
11/16/22 update - Now available for purchase! This product is brand new and we are still building the product page.

This CNC plasma table topper is designed to also hang on the side of Langmuir crossfire machines. It is 25" long O.D. and has slots to hang between the legs of your CNC table. It raises your cutting surface 4" to better reduce water splash for hand cutting. We also include an adjustable clamp to hold our Plasma Stencils or straight edges. There are two styles of clamps to choose from that can also be used on your current fab table. The edge clamp style uses a 3D printed spacer, 1/8" for our table and other thickness are available to match your table. The weld post/fixture table style has a 5/8" post and we include bushings that get welded to our plasma table.

We offer these in 24" wide and 16" wide versions just like our roll arounds. The 16" is better for those with a regular table and the 24" for the XL arm version.

This "weld it yourself kit" includes:
- Laser cut table ends, gussets & 4" flat bar sides
- Adjustable long reach clamp in either style
- 6 steel hooks for cords
-Cross bolt caps - for quick clamping of plasma torch

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