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1.5 ton Daytona - Big Wheel Conversion

1.5 ton Daytona - Big Wheel Conversion
1.5 ton front and rear axle kit
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Part Number:BW-1.5D
  • -This is JUST the Big Wheel kit - jack extension & floor jack **NOT** included
  • -For Daytona Alum. Harbor Freight floor jacks ONLY
  • -Choose 5" wheels for general use, 6" or 8" wheels for the soft stuff
  • -Add skidpate for sand/snow or vehicle mounts for truck/trailer use

Choose Options

Big Wheel Size
6" + [$20.00]
8" + [$40.00]
Optional - Skid Plate
Yes + [$20.00]
Optional - Vehicle Mount
Yes + [$40.00]
The big wheel kit converts your jack to roll off road with ease. Comes with two front axle extensions. The rear axle is held with two aluminum side plates that bolt on. Polyolefin caster wheels with delrin bushings are light, super strong and affordable.

Daytona vs. Pittsburgh 1 1/2 ton - Both jacks are very similar. The Daytona costs more but it looks cooler with the black/green combo, the Pittsburgh is about $40 less factoring in our conversion kit. The main difference between the two is the front axle on the Daytona uses our axle extensions and has different rear casters.

-Fits the new aluminum Daytona H.F. 1½ ton jack only
-Axle extensions thread over the front axle.
-Rear casters are removed and replaced with a bolt on 6061 aluminum axle and side plates.

Wheel options - all are 2" wide
5" - is good for most off-road conditions
6" - rolls a little easier
8" - for really soft sand, but still want skid plate

Optional accessories:
Skid Plate - provides flotation where it needs to be, adds strength to jack
Vehicle Mounts - chocks wheels, uses strap (not included) to hold down

Daytona - Aluminum Harbor Freight jacks - verify frame width and saddle style
1 ½  -     5"      wide frame -               - cross pin style saddle

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